Mark McFerron

– Unorthodox Watercolorist –

watercolor collection

Floyd’s Fork

Shelbyville Main Street

Catching Crawdads

Hub Caps (Face of Christ)

CleftRock Road

Ol’ Coal Tipple

Still Standing

Swimming in the Rockcastle

Burdette Farm

Stage Coach

Are my paintings fine art? How would I describe my work?  On the imaginative side I find myself weak, on the aesthetic side I think I’m strong, on the intellectual side,… well you’ll have to tell me, it’s all personal anyways.  I paint because I can. I paint naturally and when I say naturally, I mean I just can’t help it. I paint in an organized-chaotic spirit, and I complicate things further with my consanguine use of watercolors. I’m certainly unorthodox occasionally mixing in walnut stain, dyes and/or bourbon. I’m not creating my style or any style, my style is naturally defining my work,... defining me as an artist. Does an artist actually create style, or does style form the artist?  “Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter’s soul.” “Painting is a faith, and it imposes the duty to disregard public opinion.”  V. Van Gogh. 


I have known Mark McFerron for years.  He is a close family friend.  One can live a lifetime while looking at Mark’s paintings.  His colors are vivid and one can see his passion, while at the same time the peace that he has with his subject matter.  

Duane Allen, The Oak Ridge Boys

McFerron’s style is born of his life in Kentucky. Raised in the company of farmers, coal miners and stone masons, McFerron honed his craft to reflect the individualism that permeates the Kentucky back country. Simple, honest and straightforward, his paintings tell a story that people do not soon forget. His adroitness, in creating images of art that prompt memories and thoughts that can be both haunting and auspicious at the same time is a rare quality.”    

Honorable Jeffrey T. Burdette, Circuit Court Judge of Kentucky

McFerron’s art invokes a richness of the soul of Kentucky. Kentucky is a land of contrasts. You cannot write, you cannot paint unless you feel the passion of its’ people. 

Dr. James Claypool, Northern Kentucky University

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