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Most of my works are transparent watercolors. Some are mixed media

with quoache, pencil and pen, walnut stain, and bourbon.


Photograph: Mike Thomas, Centennial, CO

Art has been part of my life basically since I was 4 years of age; I could be found drawing animals, cars, barns and people. I attended Rockcastle County High School, which allowed me to have art classes for four years. It was there my talents were first being recognized. I attended Eastern Kentucky University earning a BFA degree in Design. I've worked with major corporate entities as a designer, creative director and fine artist. As an outdoors man, I gravitate to painting landscapes and wildlife, especially horses. It's my "organized-chaotic"  painting style and consanguine use of watercolors uniquely combined with walnut stain and bourbon that's defining my work,... and is still defining me.


My work has become recognizable beyond my home state of Kentucky resulting in 6 original paintings being placed on display for 2 years at the U.S. Department of Labor, in Washington, D.C., at the special request of Secretary Elaine Chao.


Additionally, I was published in The Kentucky Encyclopedia for my research on the Battle of Wildcat Mountain.  To validate my historical research, I painted the battle scene (approx. 3.5 x 4.5' watercolor).  The attention that this painting received led to the development of the first ever park at the location of the Battle of Wildcat Mountain. The painting can be viewed below in the gallery.



Quotes about my work:


McFerron’s style is born of his life in Kentucky. Raised in the company of farmers, coal miners and stone masons, McFerron honed his craft to reflect the individualism that permeates the Kentucky back country. Simple, honest and straightforward, his paintings tell a story that people do not soon forget. His adroitness, in creating images of art that prompt memories and thoughts that can be both haunting and auspicious at the same time is a rare quality.”  Honorable Jeffrey T. Burdette, Circuit Court Judge of Kentucky


McFerron’s art invokes a richness of the soul of Kentucky. Kentucky is a land of contrasts. You cannot write, you cannot paint unless you feel the passion of its’ people.”  Dr. James Claypool, Northern Kentucky University


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Each subject is reproduced on 24lb, 13" x19" watercolor paper with an approx. 1" white boarder all around.

Each is signed by the artist, and embossed stamped and ink stamped ( on back) to add validation to each individual print.

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Front of Print

Sample of the signature, embossing stamp (penetrates both sides), and ink stamp (back only).


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