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Top Picks for Professional Artists

Time-tested & Curated Creative tools

Mark's ultimate choice, a brand of watercolors with a proven track record. This is his favorite cherished paint that never fails to deliver superior results. Link

M. Graham & Co 1/2-Ounce Set of  Tube Watercolor Paint, Basic 5-Color Set

• Artist quality watercolor paint made with natural blackberry honey

• Watercolor made with honey absorbs moisture from the air preventing 

    hardening on the palette or in the tube

• Just a spritz with water and the color is ready to use

• Extraordinary strength that is easily diluted for smooth controlled washes

    and deeper darks

• Made in the USA Link

M. Graham 1/2-Ounce Tube 5 Color Gouache Paint Primary Set.

• Artist quality gouache paint made with pure blackberry honey

• Free from chalk and opacifying adulterants

• Reflective matte finish provides a vehicle to be used alone or in mixed media 

    combination with watercolor

•High pigment loads of deep dense color

•Made in the USA

Schmincke - AKADEMIE®AQUARELL Watercolor Box, full assortment 24 x 1/2 pans, highly lightfast colors, fine artists' watercolors.

Schmincke has been producing the best, finest artists' colors Made in Germany since 1881.   AKADEMIE AQUARELL is a stable metal box, with 24 half pans of fine artists' watercolors. This is an ideal starter box for watercolor painting, the many brilliant colors are perfect for mixing many other colors. Link

Sable Watercolor Brushes Professional, Fuumuui 8 Pcs Kolinsky Sable Brush Set: Perfect for Watercolors,  Acrylics &  Gouache Painting.

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Paint Set, Studio Set, 45 Half Pans w/ Brush.  Good quality for the novice artist. 

Arches Watercolor Block 12x16-inch Natural White 100% Cotton Paper - 20 Sheets of Arches Watercolor Paper 140 lb Cold Press -  for Watercolor, Gouache, Ink, Acrylic and More.


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